I applied for a job at Contacta solutions. And I was treated very nicely by the staff and management and was attended to Pronto and scheduled for an interview quickly. I'm happy to say I got the job after the interview and was deployed to a very good company. Contacta is efficient and the real deal. I appreciate the efforts of contacta in contacting me throughout the job search process. Emmanuel N.
My company sent us for Customer Service Training at Contacta Support Solutions, in fact, I didn't know I could get such quality training here in Enugu, I thought such only exist in Lagos. The Training was exceptional. Thank you Contacta, you exceeded my expectation. Keep it up. Ife O.
The application process was easy and straight forward. For the interview they were very professional, easy going and direct. As a service provider they are very good at what they do. I must admit at first I felt it might be a scam, but it turns out it wasn't. Thanks Contacta, keep up the good work. Godwin E.
It was a great experience with Contacta Academy. I am so glad I applied for this training because Customer Service is new to me, although a bit close to my niche. Basically, it helped me with the interview I had where I applied for the position of a customer service representative, and the interviewer was pleased with my responses. Also, the instructor did an excellent job in explaining every detail about customer service with her soothing personality. Thank you Contacta Academy!! Edesiri Vuevu.
You think you know everything there is to know about customer relationship until you learn from Contacta’s version. It opens your mind in a different way. You automatically become a better version of yourself. Oluwaseyi Salau
The course was an eye opener for me and I learnt new and interesting lessons too. The facilitator was so exceptional that she made the online class feel like a physical classroom experience. I got this opportunity on scholarship and I do not take it for granted. Endurance Udegbunam
Contacta support has an amazing service. They are detailed and precise in their information. Above all, they understand the situation of their clients and puts it into consideration in their dealings. Vivian O.
And I got a perfect Job through Contacta Limited... Thank you so much! Gracias!! Dankeschn!! Ozioma I.
I feel so honoured for the opportunity your office provided to help me secure a job I am grateful thanks a lot. Lynda O.
My appreciation goes to Contacta Support Solutions Academy for the training opportunity on Customer Service excellence for frontliners, it was indeed worthwhile and I gained a ton of insights to being an excellent Customer service representative. To our facilitator, thank you so much, you are a great teacher and it was a great learning experience for me. God bless you Ma'am Omolola Falusi.
I enjoyed every bit of the classes and lectures, it was refreshing, it also made me to see customer service in a professional level both internal and external. Thank you for this wonderful experience. Let's keep learning and growing. Aishat Adetoro
This training gave me a lot of insight on Customer Service as a profession and as a result,I’ve picked my chosen career path because I feel this is what I’d love to do. Before now,it was difficult for me to decide what exactly I wanted to do career wise but now,I’ve made my choice. Thank you so much! Adetola Adeyinka