‘How to be a better customer care rep’ is one of the things people search for online. If your goal is to perform excellently well at your job as a customer service personnel, then you have to read this...

Often times, many Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) wonder why they are not rated highly amongst their peers in the work place. If only they could take the time to observe those that perform excellently on the job, they will notice the following traits:

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1. They are Stupid

Yes! Stupid! No matter what insults a customer throws at them, they seem to enjoy it. They never get fazed by the impatience, abusiveness and loudness of some customers. They maintain a friendly and cheerful disposition while keeping only one thing in mind ‘I must change this customer’s mood for good’. Who does that?

2. They are Stupid

‘Stupid again?’ Yes! they Stoop To Understand Problems In Detail. The keywords here are Stoop, Understand, Problems and Detail.
Great CSRs:
● are humble.
● they don’t just listen to hear, they listen to understand the problem in detail.
● they are passionate about problem solving.

3. They are knowledgeable

We all know that one can only give what he/she has. Great CSRs invest their time and resources in acquiring knowledge. They understand that it would be a dis-service for a customer to have more product knowledge than they do; so, they make every effort to know all about the brand that they represent and also go the extra mile by acquiring skills that would make them more productive on the job.

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4. They Don’t bear grudges

Highly Successful and exceptional CSRs do not allow unpleasant situations get to them, they simply let it slide down their backs. Some people are born this way, others learn to live this way. This is one trait that would make the workplace and indeed, the world a better place, if we all had it.

There you go, become ‘STUPIDly’ passionate about delivering exceptional customer service consistently with these simple tips and see yourself become that super confident and successful Customer Service Representative.


Author: Anne N. Okorie