How to Nail Your Next Job Interview

Yay! You got invited for an interview, you are definitely excited, but with that comes some anxiety right? ‘I hope they like me’ ‘will I get selected?’ … such thoughts rush through your mind as you PREPARE for the ‘D-day’. The key word here is ‘PREPARE’. Now, let’s delve into how to prepare for that next interview to stand a better chance of getting that job offer.

Interview tip picture

Tip 1

Prepare your CV. Regardless of whether or not it was stated in your invite that you should come along with a copy of your CV, please go with one. Some recruiters intentionally do not ask you to come with a copy of your CV, but they expect you to. It is done sometimes to profile the candidates, to know which ones are proactive and take initiative, and which ones are not. Ensure your CV is well put together and relevant to the job that you are being interviewed for. Tailor your CV to match the JD (Job Description) and make sure your contact details are correct.

Tip 2

Research the company/employer: A lot of people take this for granted. Knowing about the employer does not entail cramming the company’s mission and vision statements, it is about UNDERSTANDING the services, culture and values of the company. Simply check google, find their website- if any, check them up on LinkedIn, Facebook etc. The deeper you dig, the more you know.

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Tip 3

Fix your appearance: Now it’s time to pick your outfit, get your hair done or shaved. Ensure your outfit is formal, decent, clean, and well ironed, no employer wants a dis-organised looking person in the team.

Tip 4

Verify the interview location, estimate the distance and plan your departure time. You should never go late for an interview. NEVER!

Tip 5

Be nice, even to the receptionist you don’t know who is watching.

Tip 6

Be Confident: Yes, you may not have the perfect answer to every question, still don’t let it affect your composure. DO NOT slouch! Sit upright and try to maintain eye contact.

Tip 7

Most importantly, educate yourself beforehand. Even as you apply for jobs on a daily or weekly basis, endeavor you spend some time educating yourself and acquiring skills that will make you stand out amongst your peers, thereby making you more attractive to potential employers. Knowledge is key.

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Author: Anne N. Okorie